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MWC 2017 Hafnarfjörður, Iceland will be at the location in the photo below. The venue is south of the city of Reykjavík and also south of the communities of Kópavogur and Garðabær along route 40 the west coast.

A photo from MWC 2016 Buffalo, New York

Men 45-49: Mike Dickens wins again.

Mona Malec, Michaela Pennekamp and Juli Peterson are all smiles. Photo by Sue Hallen.


Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

Entry on Jan 1st


Competition on
June 24 & 25, 2017

Ian Miller press release



Map of US Games

Qualifying Criteria for MWC

14 Age Groups

Lineup of Events at MWC2017 Iceland


Open Stone 16 lb
Braemar Stone 22 lb
Weight Throw 42 lb
Weight Throw 28 lb
Heavy Hammer 22 lb
Light Hammer 16 lb
Caber Toss
WOB 42 lb

Open Stone 9 lb
Braemar Stone 13 lb
Weight Throw 21/28 lb
Weight Throw 14lb
Heavy Hammer 16 lb
Light Hammer 12 lb
Caber Toss
WOB 21/28 lb