Hall of Fame

Bill Anderson, MBE1937-Present

Bill Anderson is one of the greatest and best-known Highland Games champions in modern times. His competitive career spanned an amazing 32 years, when he retired from competition at the age of 51.

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Dan DeWelt1943-Present

In his long throwing career, Dan has accumulated numerous top throws, in multiple events, across four age groups.

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John Ross1937-Present

John still has a number of top age-group throws listed in 3 different age-groups on Scottish Masters Records page.

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William 1942-2006

Bill Butler was not only a superb Highland Games athlete, he played a leading role in Scottish athletics for more than a decade, co-founding Scottish Masters Athletics International.

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William 1941-Present

Bill is the holder of multiple world records years after his retirement, several (if not all) are likely to stand for years to come.

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Frank Carl1937-Present

His name can be found in numerous places on the SMAI list of top throws, and he holds 2 world records in the 70+ group as of this writing.

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Kent Durso1945-Present

A four-time Masters World Champion, Kent still holds two Masters World Records at the time of this writing. He also has numerous top-5 throws in multiple events and age-groups.

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William 1945-Present

Scruggs will always be the rock and the cornerstone of the Scottish Masters Athletics. What started as an idea between friends, was brought to fruition by Angus Billy through years of care, planning, and work.

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Sue Hallen1957-Present

In 2008, Sue competed at the Masters World Championships; she then competed in each subsequent Championship through 2013, making the podium every year and winning two World Championships.

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Ian Percy2014

Percy has competed in both the Five-Event Weight Pentathlon (Hammer, Shot, Discus, Javelin, and Weight Throw) and the Highland Games and has won numerous titles at both events.

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Gerry Reynolds2014

His manifold contributions to the sport, to Masters throwing, and to Scottish Masters Athletics in particular, have earned Gerry induction as the first non-athlete in the Hall of Fame.

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Greg Bradshaw

Greg Bradshaw's contribution to the sport as an AD and organizer was, and still is, exceptional.

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Denise Houseman

Within 4 years of her first games throw, Denise became a Masters World Champion. She continued to win a stunning 6 consecutive World Championships while dominating her class as one of the best Masters throwers ever.

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Wayne Staggs2016

Wayne is a three-time Masters World Champion, and holds a special distinction of having won it twice in Scotland in 2009 and 2014, as well as in St. Louis in 2017.

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Bill Leffler

No one has won more Masters World Championships than Bill, and he has more in the tank. He has multiple world records in multiple age groups, as well as multiple Top 10 all-time marks over multiple age groups.

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