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We are currently planning the 2014 Masters World Championship at the Northern Meeting Park, Inverness, Scotland on 12, 13 & 14 September 2014.

Official Start List

Important Updates in MWC2014 Schedule:

Thursday 11 Sept 4 pm - 7 pm
    Athlete Meet and Greet - G's Nightclub Castle Street
    Hall of Fame Ceremony - 6 pm

Friday 12 Sept 9 am
    Day One MWC2014 - Bught Park

Saturday 13 Sept 9 am
    Day Two MWC2014 - Bught Park

Sunday 14 Sept 11 am
    Day Three MWC2014 - Bught Park
    MWC Final Awards Ceremony 6 pm - Bught Park


Bught Park -  7 pm - Participation Encouraged

Stone Lifting tours are being arranged for athletes of the MWC2014:

Stone Tour 1 - Barevan Stone and more ..
Stone Tour 2 - Dalwhinnie Stone and more ..

Peter Martin is making arrangements for small van day trips into the Highlands .. more details to follow. His email is:

We are pleased to announce that it has been decided that a New World Championship will be contested in Inverness splitting the traditional Women 40-49 age group into W40-44 (who will throw the 28lb) and the W45-49 (who will throw the 21lb). Thereby preserving the Scottish Masters Records for women's throws with the 28lb (2 Stone) weight for distance and height events while also accommodating the recent athlete inquires for the women's weights.

Simply, we'll now start the use of the lighter weight at 45 years of age for the women. To do this we must now split the MWC2014 Early Registration List of W40-49 into 2 groups and we'll ask all the listed athletes to contact me at regarding the change in age groups and with questions about the weights designed for use.

We announced the MWC 2014 Inverness decision on 13 October, 2012 and opened the Early Registration to athletes at 6am Eastern US Time Zone on Saturday 6 July, 2013. It's been a fascinating reaction by athletes from around the globe for this event. Here's a bit of a summary of the hot and fast process we saw in the first week at the Early Registration Desk.

July 2013  Dates - Athletes Registered each day

6th - 27 - a big first day
7th - 15
8th - 38 
9th - 43 - Wow!
10th - 22 - we started the Standby List
11th - 33
12th - 20
13th - 5
14th - 8 - closed Registration to all Challengers.
17th - Change to 3-day competition.
31st - Split W40-49 into W40-44 and W4-49.

That's how over 200 athletes signed up in the first week. Incredible!

Completely unprecedented early interest in this event from ...
Scotland, Germany, Canada, Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, Belgium, Japan, Holland, Ireland, England and USA.

Critical News for Athletes of the Scottish Masters World Championships 2014
Due to the overwhelming numbers of athletes showing interest in the MWC 2014, we're expanding the dates of the competition to 3 days. The Athlete Meet & Greet event will be on Thursday  11 September in the City of Inverness, Scotland and  12, 13 & 14  September 2014- Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be the new dates of the competition.
So, we are planning 4 days of events ... with the social event to kick it off on Thursday evening and the award ceremony on Sunday evening

The competition at the MWC2014 Inverness Scotland will be a Traditional Style format; which means we will compete 8 events over 3 days with no sheaf toss and no spinning in the Weight Over Bar.

MWC 2014 Championship Ring Sponsors
1. Bernice Rogers *
In Memoriam
2. Angus Billy Scruggs *
HOF & Champion
3. Frank Henry *
HOF & Champion
4. Buffalo Heavies *
Throwers Club
5. German Federation,*
Deutscher Highlandgames Verband
6. Heart of America Scottish Athletics*
Throwers Club
7. The Caledonian Club of San Francisco
Cultural Society
8. Clan Henderson *
Scottish Clan
9. Pacific Northwest Scottish Athletics *
Throwers club
10. Mid-Atlantic Scottish Athletics*
Throwers Club
11. Rocky Mountain Scottish Athletics*
Throwers Club
12. EcoMetrix Solutions Group*
Environmental consultants
13. Ancient Athletics *
Throwers Club

* = paid

Wanted: Championship Ring Sponsors - $350 USD

Individual, Clan, Club, Group, Gang or Corporate funding for any one of the MWC Rings to be awarded at the Championships would create 1) a real VIP within the Scottish Masters Athletics community and 2) provide the most unique opportunity - to present the award at the closing ceremony to the Champion.
We had 11 individuals who stepped up be sponsors back in MWC2003 and they all got to meet the athletes as a VIP in the Athlete Meet & Greet social event and also award the Championship Ring and artwork at the Closing event. I know the people who experienced that still repeat the prideful stories of meeting the Champions and being a part of history.
Feel free to share the idea with your friends about Ring sponsorship... invite them to be a VIP at the Masters World Championships in Scotland. We need as least 13 sponsors.

It's all about the Ring!

Judges during MWC 2006 Inverness, Scotland

Don Stewart, Hammer Award presented by Bobby Dodd


Hall of Fame Inductee for 2013 - Frank Henry and family.
Photo: Nanette Rogers, 2013

Michael Dickens, Masters World Champion
Melanie Gesoff Mullally, 2012

Rob Hatch and Gerry Reynolds

Good luck in your training,

Kevin Rogers,
Web Chieftain

Link to scorekeeper

Meet Us At:

First Pint - Castle Tavern, Castle Street on Wednesday 10 Sept 8pm

Inverness Town House,
Castle Street on
Thursday 11 Sept 4-7pm

Homecoming Concert,
Eden Court Theatre,
Thursday 11 Sept 7:30pm
200 free tickets

Torchlight Parade of Highland Clans, Meet at Crown Primary School,
Friday 12 Sept 8pm
Free Torches

Highland Clans Exhibit, Inverness Town House, Castle Street, Saturday 13 Sept

Camanachd Cup Final,
Bught Park, Saturday 13 Sept

Kirking of the Council, Meet at Crown Primary School Sunday 14 Sept, 10am

MWC 2014:

3-Day Competition Schedule - link here

All registration is closed including Standby List

Athlete Survey for Registered Athletes Only

W40-49 is now split into W40-44 and W45-49

All Registered Women impacted by the split need to contact me immediately.

Official Start List:
Who's coming

If your name is NOT on the Official Registration list linked above and you have Registered, please contact me immediately.

Now, its a 3-day Competition !!

Throwing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday,  12, 13 & 14 September 2014.

Special Guests:

 St. Andrew's Society of Central Illinois Pipe and Drums, plus Celtic Dancers will perform for the athletes of the MWC 2014.

HOF 2013

Bill Rogers
Frank Henry
Sue Hallen

2013 Scottish Masters Athletics Hall of Fame Inductees listed above were announced at the MWC2013 Athlete Meet and Greet event in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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