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Announcements for June 21, 2021

Announcements for June 21, 2021

1. The competition will be a two-day event: athletes will contest 4 events Saturday and 4 events Sunday - The event schedule will be released in July
2. Stones and Weights for distance will be thrown on Winged Trigs with artificial turf surfaces. All other events will be performed on the natural ground. The ground will support the use of blades for hammers.
3. Host hotel information will be posted on June 22, 2021
4. Information on patronage and sponsorship opportunities will be coming out this week
5. There will be a shuttle from the host hotel
6. There will be an area dedicated for athlete parking. BUT, all parking is limited, so carpooling will be encouraged
7. All athletes from the U.S.: please pay your entry fee by the end of June. International athletes will have longer due to bans in place.

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The Scottish Masters Athletics International (SMAI) is organized and operated to foster international amateur sports competition for charitable and cultural purposes. We are the exclusive sanctioning authority and host for the Masters World Championships (MWC) for the traditional Scottish Highland Games athletic competitions called the "Heavy Events."

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