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Meet the new Board Officers of the SMAI

Meet the new Board Officers of the SMAI

The SMAI has some new additions to the organization!

We are proud to announce the SMAI’s new Board of Officers. The new officers will be involved in all decision making, handling of SMAI tasks, and orchestrating the Masters World Championships.

Please welcome the new board members listed below along with short bios:

Tedd Van Vleck - President

I am from Kirksville, MO but have lived in Fort Worth, TX since 2015 with my wife Elissa.  I am the Co-Founder and a Member of the North Texas Silverbacks, and first started throwing in 1994. 

Fun Fact: Although I have 3 World Records, I have never competed at a Master’s Worlds due to injuries by the end of season! 

Away from the field, I work in Process Improvement for the Railroad.  I have worked various positions over my 19 year career with them but currently I travel our network, providing training on various emerging technologies we are developing to drive better efficiency. 

I love this sport and the people it attracts.  When not throwing I volunteer to announce and judge as well as coach.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to serve on this board and assist in growing this sport. 

Douglas Berry - Chairman

Hometown: El Paso, TX

Competing at Highland Games since 2017

Member North Texas Silverbacks 2017

I currently reside in Rowlett, TX with my wife Susan, where I’m blessed to serve as stepfather to four incredible young people! Starting my business in 2001, I currently act as owner/operator with my business partner of 22 years.

I love this sport! In 2017, my first year of competing, it was on my birthday that I won my very first event as a Master, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m fortunate to have earned a roster spot at every Masters World Championship since, earning a 4th place in 2019 and 2nd in 2022.

In 2020, in an effort to give back, my wife and I founded Highland Arts & Athletics. A non-profit organization geared toward the cultural enrichment of those interested in their Celtic heritage. Through the use of festivals and Highland Game competitions, we look to foster the growth and interest in our Celtic culture.

Courtney McGuire - Secretary

Hometown:  Trumansburg, NY

Year Started: 2010

Attendance at MWC since 2015

Member of The Buffalo Heavies 

Away from the field I am an after-school programmer for the City of Ithaca, working with kids in 2nd grade through 8th grade. As a member of the CSEA I am currently serving as the Admin Unit President as well as the President of the Local in Tompkins County.

As a member of the Buffalo Heavies I was on the planning committee hosting the MWC in 2016.

I am grateful and honored to have been asked to serve on this board and hope to be of service to my fellow athletes as well as our host festivals.


Michelle Crownhart - Historian

Hometown: Phoenix, Az now, Army Brat raised around the world.

I have been competing since Feb 1994 with my 1st MWC in 2013. I finally retired from UPS after 25 years. I am a retired Teamster and have served on the Retirees Board of Local 104.

I am blessed to have my daughters and their families  involved in the Highland Games. We were able to have 3 generations of women compete at the same time, myself, daughter Cristine, and granddaughter Anya. My eldest Stefanie was the youngest competitor, at 16 years, in Pleasanton, Ca. Both of my girls now compete at the Master’s level.

The games have allowed me to grow as an athlete, Athletic Director and International Judge. I have been fortunate to achieve (and lose, lol) several World Records, currently retaining 1.

My goal is to be able to help continue to improve the MWC for the athletes, hosts, and the organization. I am grateful to have been asked to join the board and help continue the legacy of the sport.


Michael Dickens - Treasurer

Hometown:  Round Rock,TX

Competing at MWC since 2011

President/Executive Director of the SMAI

2023 is Mike’s 19th season competing in the Scottish Highland Games.  He was fortunate enough to compete as a pro for a few years, and visit Scotland to tour the Game circuit in 2013. He is happy to see his kiddos, Sophie and Owen, embracing the Highland Games and the tossing of sticks and stones.

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