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Bill Anderson

Bill Anderson

Member of Distinction

Icon of the Highland Games

Bill Anderson is one of the greatest and best-known Highland Games champions in modern times.  His competitive career spanned an amazing 32 years, from 1956 until 1988, when he retired from competition at the age of 51.  Bill won every major title including the World Championship against a top-flight field of international competitors in Melbourne in 1981—when he was well into his forties. Bill’s hammer records set in 1986 remain at the top of the Master’s world record list in 2011—a quarter of a century later.

The consummate athlete and competitor, Bill has remained active in his beloved Highland Games since his retirement, officiating at numerous competitions including the Master’s World Championships in Inverness in 2006.  He was honored by the Queen of England in 1977 when he was invested as a Member of the British Empire.

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