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The database below may be sorted and have filters added in order to see specific results. To sort by a particular column simply click on the column label. The column that the database is being sorted by will be denoted by an up or down arrow icon next to the label. You may click the column label again to switch between ascending and descending sort order.

To narrow down the results you may add any number of filters by clicking the "Add filter" button. For example, if you want to see only the Men 40-44 class from the 2018 event, add a filter where Year is/contains "2018", then add another filter where Class is/contains "Men 40-44" and make sure the "and/or" selector between the two filters is set to "and."


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The Scottish Masters Athletics International (SMAI) is organized and operated to foster international sports competition for charitable and cultural purposes. We are the exclusive sanctioning authority and host for the Masters World Championships (MWC) for the traditional Scottish Highland Games athletic competitions called the "Heavy Events."

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