Scottish Highland Games Women's Masters Records

The best recorded throws and historical records

World Record Certification Process 

When a World Record has been broken, it is the responsibility ofthe Judge or Athletic Director to verify the record. The Record must be set within all rules for that event. The event judge along with another judge/AD as witness, must initial and print their names on the score sheet of the record.  
Judges should measure any record with steel tape, if available. Ifa steel tape is not available, judges should verify the measurement with a second tape. 
The implement’s weight will be confirmed on a certified scale after the event (post office, UPS, etc.) and the weight will be equal to or more than the legal weight for that implement. A picture will be taken and submitted to verify the weight.
In the case of the Weights for Distance, the Weight for Height,and the Hammer Throw, the overall length of the implement will be measured, andthe length will be equal to or less than the legal length of that implement. 

For lightweight classes:Male athletes must weigh 200#, or under, and female athletes155#, or under, on the designated day and time of weigh in.
The AD or the designated judge are to witness and record the weight of the athlete.
A digital scale must be used on a hard surface.
The scale used for weigh-ins will be verified prior to weigh-ins with a known weight. 

Ultimately the AD oversees all the above, assuring that this was done correctly. 

Only records set with implements recognized by the SMAI/MWC, listed in the SMAI’s schedule of implements, will be accepted and kept.  

Copies of the signed score sheet, verifying pictures of the weight, weight of athlete, (if applicable), shall be emailed to 

Athletes should be their own advocates regarding communication with the Judge and AD. Help them by knowing the records for your class ahead of time. Let them know the records that you may be close to prior to the event.

Womens 40-44
Womens 45-49
Womens 50-54
Womens 55-59
Womens 60-64
Womens 65-69
Womens 70+
Womens 80+
Womens 40+ Under 155lb
Womens 50+ Under 155lb

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